Frequently Asked Questions

Children and E.T. (Total Extracts):

E.T. Blackcurrant for children's allergies

The question: "Good morning. I bought your product in drops and without alcohol Blackcurrant ET for the allergies of my son (8 years old). The doses listed are for 6 and 12 year olds; no specifics for 8 year olds. Right now I am giving him 7-8 gtt 3 times a day. I wanted to ask if this could be the right dose."

Our Ribes is prescribed by many pediatricians because of its effectiveness and because it contains no alcohol. The dosage is perfect. If necessary, it can also be increased.

E.T. Blackcurrant for children's allergies

The question: "Blackcurrant children: I find the product very effective, at the moment the child has even suspended the cortisone spray for his rhinitis. I wanted to ask you: the drops can always be taken in the period of pollen (in this month until October, for example, here we have the Ambrosia, while from March until July the grasses ... all inhalants that give him allergy), or the substance has limits to be respected for the times of intake?"

We are happy that the drops are working and that your baby is feeling better. Blackcurrant drops can also be taken for long periods. Maybe interrupt for two weeks every two/three months. Try to stagger the interruptions in less "dangerous" periods.

E.T. Rose Hip and Propolis for young children

The question: Good evening, I use the E.T. of rose hip and propolis for my 6 years old girls but I would like to know if there is something for 3 years old children or if it is enough to decrease the dose of those I already use?

It is precisely the two extracts you have chosen for your children that are the most recommended products during the cold season. Pediatricians who prescribe our ETs for their young patients simply decrease the dosage (as you were thinking of doing, Madame).

E.T. Blackcurrant used in children under 2 years of age

The question: "Good evening, I premise that I have also heard the opinion of the paediatrician and I would also appreciate your opinion on the use of blackcurrants. My 20-month-old daughter has already been taking rose hips for two months as a preventive measure (8 drops in the morning). In recent days, she has contracted a cold, so I have also been advised to take blackcurrant and I would like your opinion on the dosage for a shock treatment, duration of therapy and maintenance of both extracts.

Regarding your request, we confirm that the administration prescribed by your pediatrician is correct.

In any case, it is always the paediatrician who knows how to evaluate the situation in the best possible way; follow his indications without hesitation....

E.T. storage and administration to the child

The question: "Good morning! I buy for my baby some of your Total Extracts (Propolis, Blackcurrant, Echinacea) and the Equilibre Rosa; I would like to know if it is better to store these products in the fridge or is it okay at room temperature (some last me even a month and a half, because I give them to the baby in rotation!)."

Our total ET extracts can be stored, tightly closed, even at room temperature. However, if you prefer, you can also store them in the refrigerator.

E.T. Rosehip to children

The question: "I am writing to get information about Rose Hip: I am going to give it to my baby as a prevention against the dangers of winter. What is the suggested dose? What is the time of administration and how? Being an allergic subject, can it be a phytotherapeutic element without contraindications?"

With regard to your request we send below the average dosage used by children of the age like yours, as a preparation for the dangers of winter.

Have people take 10 drops of Rosehip twice a day for periods of one to two months. Then discontinue. The cycle can, if necessary, be repeated after two weeks of interruption. Since the taste of the product is very pleasant, the drops can also be taken directly into the mouth. With regard to possible allergies, this risk can never be totally excluded; it always depends on the individual.

E.T. For everyone:

E.T. Echinacea

The question: I purchased VS pure echinacea extract. On the package it says the dosage for children but not the dosage for adults. I would like to know the dosage to be taken for adults.

Regarding your request, we recommend that you take 20 drops twice a day.

E.T. Blackcurrant for colds

The question: I am using blackcurrant E.T. for colds, the dosage on the package refers to children only. For adults what dosage do you recommend?

The average adult dosage of Blackcurrant is 20 drops two to three times a day.

E.T. Propolis for everyone

The question: Hello, I am the mother of a little girl of 4 years old. I wanted to stimulate her immune system and at the pharmacy I was recommended your "Total Extract 1:1 - propolis". On the directions is indicated only the dosage for children of 12 years and 6 years. Could you kindly tell me the dosage for my 4 year old daughter and also for adults (45 years old and 70 years old) and for an 84 year old grandmother.

With regard to your request, we cannot give you a precise answer: only the paediatrician, after an examination of the child, can indicate whether it is appropriate to take Propolis ET and only he can tell you the correct dosage. In any case, we think we can suggest an average intake of 4 drops two or three times a day. As for the dosage for adults, we recommend that you take 25 drops two or three times a day.

E.T. for animals:

E.T. Propolis for cats

The question: Hi, I took your propolis for my 19 year old cat, weighing almost 4kg. How many drops should be administered per day?

We confirm that our ET's can be of great help especially for cats - Propolis and Blackcurrant are the preferred extracts. For a cat like yours, the average dosage is three drops twice a day, directly in the mouth.

E.T. Echinacea for cats

The question: Good morning. I would like to ask a question : my cat suffers from a form of chronic relapsing rhinitis. My vet has advised me to do cycles of propolis and echinacea but he has not been able to tell me the dosage and the duration of the treatment for a cat of about three kilos. Would you please be able to give me some advice on this matter.

We confirm that many vets propose our ETs (Alcohol-free Total Extracts) for their cats. The appropriate dosage for your cat is five drops of Propolis and five drops of Echinacea per day, for a period of at least two months.

E.T. to cats how often to give them

The question: I use your products that I find exceptional! As some are alcohol-free, I also feed them to the cat. In this regard, I ask you for how long I can administer it and if I can make cycles. Can you recommend some phytotherapy, without alcohol, for hyperthyroidism to administer to the cat and in what quantity?

We have noticed that a lot of our customers are feeding our ETs to their cats lately, with great satisfaction. Cats love ETs and are very fond of them! (Mine too...) We confirm that our alcohol-free ETs can be given to cats without any problems. Even for cats, however, the extracts are given in cycles - of two or three months at a time. Unfortunately, we do not have an extract specifically for hyperthyroidism. We're sorry we can't accommodate you....

Pink balance for overly nervous kittens

The question: My cat will be about 4 months old and he's a cat who keeps spiteful and then does damage around the house. The pink equilibre I could give him but how many drops and how many times a day to relax him for a moment?

For your overly nervous cat, various Equilibres may be suitable. It also depends on the cause of his nervousness: if he is fearful, then number 5 is suitable, if he is depressed, number 7 is suitable, if he is too lonely at home, number 2 is suitable. If you really can't figure out the cause, then give him the Equilibre for toddlers, the pink Equilibre.
If it is difficult to give the drops directly into his mouth, you can put about ten in the water bowl. Your cat will calm down.

E.T. Blackcurrant for dog

The question: Hello, I am writing to you because I would need some information on the use of total extract of ribes nigrum. It was bought to be administered to a dog (French Bulldog of about 13 kg), suffering from various allergies. Can you give me some indication on how much to give, when (empty stomach?) and how often. Do you have also a return on the contraindications that could have?

It is not the first time that we answer to requests like yours : our Ribes is often administered to dogs and cats, with excellent results (and great pleasure for the animals, who really like its taste !!!) For your dog we suggest 10/15 drops in the morning and 10/15 drops in the early afternoon; it does not matter if before or after meals. If you put the drops on a spoon, your dog can lick them directly. Otherwise administer them in the usual way for animals: directly into the mouth with a syringe, from which you have obviously removed the needle. In this case you should dilute the drops with a little water. There are no contraindications, as the drops do not contain alcohol.

E.T. Blackcurrant for cats

The question: Good morning, I would like to use your Ribes Nigrum ET for my elderly cat (17 years old) who suffers from rhinitis. can you tell me the dose?

We confirm that many veterinarians propose our ET (Total Extracts without alcohol) for their cats. The appropriate dosage for your cat is five drops of Blackcurrant ET per day.

Henerga line

Henerga for boys

The question: Hi, I bought a pack of Henerga nutrimmuno 10 vials, for my 11 year old son who is starting to feel the effects of school fatigue (sixth grade!!!). I dilute the product in fruit juice in the morning and fortunately he drinks it without any problems. He seems to like it and feels fitter at least in the morning. I take advantage of this to ask: the herbalist advised me to give him a whole vial a day. Is it ok, or is it too much? Would the same dose be fine for an adult? Both my husband and I feel particularly tired at this time so we wanted to use a supplement too.

In fact, Henerga Nutrimmuno is excellent for tired, convalescent children, especially during seasonal changes. The dose of one vial per day for a child of 11 years is fine; for longer intakes, half a vial is sufficient. Adults can also take this product - one or two vials per day. Or they can choose another product from the Henerga line.

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